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What are some of the guidelines one should consider when looking for the highest quality PGFO?

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A minimum of 60% of the fish oil concentration should contain the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA with a ratio of 40:20* and contain a low percentage of saturated fat. The concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids in a poor quality grade fish oil is between 15 and 30% with the balance being made up of saturated fat. Remember, it takes 100 gallons of fish oil to produce 1 gallon of pharmaceutical grade fish oil concentrate.

The 400 mg of EPA and 200 mg of DHA is often expressed as a 40:20 EPA/DHA product in parts per 100.


The fish oil should be in the natural triglyceride (TG) form to ensure bioavailability of up to 250% higher than the synthetic ethyl ester (EE) form in fish oil products. The 40:20 EE synthetic form can then obtain the same benefits of the 40:20 TG natural form, but larger quantities
of the 40:20 EE product are required. Numerous studies comparing a natural triglyceride (TG) form to a synthetic ethyl ester (EE) can be viewed at:


The fish oil should be free of any contamination with the supported evidence to prove it.
The PURE pharmaceutical grade fish oil must have a Certificate of Analysis from an independent institute that uses the most stringent parameters in the world and receives a 5 star rating, which confirms the exceptional high grade quality.

These stringent parameters can be found at the International Fish Oil Standards (“IFOS”) are hundreds and thousands of times below the limits allowed by law in European countries.

Only the best brands of fish oil in the World have a 5 star certification from IFOS which is based at the University of Guelph in Canada. The full list of fish oil products that receive a 5-star are available on its website at This list also shows whether or not the fish oil product is a natural triglyceride (TG) form or a synthetic ethyl ester (EE) form. Unfortunately, there are not many companies that sell the highest quality natural triglyceride (TG) form.


Fish oil is a delicate and perishable product. PURE pharmaceutical grade fish oil must have the highest quality as well as freshness and must not be oxidized and remain intact so that one can benefit from all its natural goodness.

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Please see below for a few interesting articles that I recently came across.

As always my goal remains to educate and inform my clients, friends and family in the benefits of Omega-3 supplementation and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!!

Fish Oil Could Be Therapy for Periodontal Disease


ScienceDaily (Apr. 24, 2012) — Periodontitis, inflammation of the tissue surrounding the teeth, affects more than half of adults and is linked to an increased risk of stroke and other heart problems. To evaluate whether fish oil supplementation could be an adjunct therapy for periodontitis, Dr. Alison Coates from the University of South Australia and colleagues from the School of Dentistry at University of Adelaide in Australia reviewed evidence from eight unique studies that involved humans.

Their review of these studies showed that improvements in clinical measures were common in all studies, but were scientifically significant in two that used a combination of fish oil and aspirin. Although this is not conclusive evidence, intake of fish oil is recommended for health benefits beyond the teeth.

"I would recommend that people ensure they have a sufficient intake of long chain omega-3 fatty acids in their diet for general health," said Coates. "In Australia, these types of fatty acids are considered to be essential with ~500 mg recommended as the suggested dietary target. This equates to approximately 2 fatty fish meals per week."

There are no serious dangers to consuming fish oil. At high levels of fish oil above the GRAS limit, people may experience a delayed clotting time and at very high doses potential gastric upset. If people are taking blood thinning medication, then they should consult with a doctor.

The group reports that the evidence for fish oil being effective in reducing periodontal symptoms is building but there is a need for more well designed studies that evaluate the supplement both alone and in combination with aspirin to be able to tease out whether fish oil by itself is effective. It is important that compliance to treatment is considered and that the dose and length of supplementation is appropriate. A clinical trial is underway in Australia that is investigating the effects of fish oil as adjunct therapy for periodontitis.

Results from this study were presented April 24, 2012 at the Experimental Biology 2012 meeting in San Diego, CA.

Food Scientists Fortify Goat Cheese With Fish Oil to Deliver Healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids


ScienceDaily (Feb. 16, 2012) — Fish oil is an underused ingredient in the food industry because of its association with a strong odor and aftertaste. A new study in the February issue of the Journal of Food Science, published by the Institute of Food Technologists, shows that fish oil can be added to goat cheese to deliver high levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids without compromising taste or shelf-life.

Fish oil delivers higher levels and more balanced proportions of omega-3 fatty acids compared to other sources such as flax and algal oil. Unfortunately, fish oil oxidizes more quickly making food fortification a challenge.

Dairy has been shown to be a good matrix for fish oil fortification because it is commonly consumed and has unique properties that seem to protect fish oil. Soft goat cheese has lower fat than other cheeses making it appealing for those looking for healthy flavorful food choices.

Further research is ongoing by the University of Maine food scientists who conducted this study to assess the stability and consumer acceptance of fish oil fortified baked snack products, as well as to explore uses for naturally flavored fish oil from fishery by-products.

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