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As we find ourselves moving on in this new year and shifting forward in our ongoing focus on our health and wellness, please remember that daily supplementation using A-M B-Well Omega-3 PGFO products is still the best way for you and your loved ones to get the "spring" in your step as we venture out into the warmer air of the upcoming seasons.

As always, the team at A-M B-Well Inc. will continue to be here in support of your wellness, fitness and overall health goals. We can also provide you with the information you need to be informed and educated in improving your lifestyle using Omega-3 supplements.




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Fish oil in pregnancy reduces infant eczema

31 January 2012 by Andy Coghlan

Taking fish oil capsules during pregnancy could help women with a family history of eczema to avoid passing on the condition to their children.

A study of 700 pregnant women found that those who took the supplements reduced by one-third the risk their infants would develop eczema, compared with women who took a placebo.

"This is potentially important because these children are the ones considered most likely to develop asthma and respiratory allergies at school age," says Maria Makrides of the Women's and Children's Health Research Institute in North Adelaide, South Australia, who led the team.

The results echo those from a previous trial in Sweden in 2009, which found that mothers given fish oil capsules were three times less likely than untreated to pass on eczema to their children.

Makrides says the fatty acids of the oil may get incorporated into cell membranes inside the fetus, where they dampen down the inflammation that leads to allergies and eczema. She says that to check the benefits are long lasting, all the children will be followed until they are 6 years old.

Catrin Furuhjelm of Linköping University in Sweden, who headed the 2009 study, is gratified to see her results confirmed. "In Sweden, the recommendation is for all mothers to eat fish three times a week during pregnancy, and future studies will tell us if there's a reason to increase this dose."

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My dearest friends,

One of the things that makes me the most proud when promoting the A-M B-Well product line to new and existing clients is the fact that both our Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules and our Liquid Gold are 5-Star IFOS certified ... but in the end, what does that really mean to you as an end consumer?

Let's take a look at some information in regards to IFOS including why use IFOS, why is IFOS important and what differentiates IFOS from other certifications.



With growing contamination concerns for the consumer, and recent clinical data suggesting the negative effects of mercury and PCB’s from edible marine sources, the IFOS program continues to grow in popularity and prove its value as a reliable source for third party validation. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the many clinically established health benefits of omega-3, but are equally concerned with contamination issues. The IFOS program delivers a suitable venue for the omega-3 supplement industry to showcase credible product sources.

How Does IFOS compare to other certification programs like ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ and 'ISO 9000 Series'?

The IFOS Program is concerned with the quality of omega-3 products as it relates to the international standards established by the World Health Organization and the Council For Responsible Nutrition for purity and concentration. The GMP and ISO certifications are concerned with the manufacturing protocols and consistency of manufacturing procedures behind the making of the omega-3 product. Quality of omega-3 product and quality of the manufacturing behind the omega-3 product are two very different things. If a manufacturer is ISO certified, it means they follow the same guidelines each time they make the same product line and that each step is documented and followed. That does not mean the omega-3 product is of high purity and high concentration.

What is the IFOS Certification Mark?

For no additional charges, brands may apply for and use the IFOS Certification Mark on their product labels. The purpose of the Certification Mark is to further demonstrate for consumers that a product line has been tested by the IFOS Program. Companies must submit a minimum of 85% of all batches produced in order to be eligible to use the Certification Mark - most companies using the Certification Mark test 100% of the batches produced. If any batches are skipped, the company must produce a Certificate of Analysis from their supply chain confirming that the batch is compliant with IFOS testing standards. In some instances, there is a time lag between the production of a batch and an IFOS Program consumer report. In those instances, the company is allowed to continue to use the Certification Mark on the corresponding labels until the IFOS rating for that particular batch is confirmed.

Why does IFOS choose the CRN and WHO standards over other standards such as European Pharmacopoeia?

IFOS is an international program, and the WHO and CRN standards are internationally recognized bodies in every country where omega-3 products are sold as the standards for purity. IFOS provides a one stop solution for consumers and omega-3 product promoters in every country for a world wide benchmark of compliance.

Why is third party validation testing important?

All manufacturers of omega-3 product have a certificate of analysis for each batch they make. IFOS, as a third party testing service, will verify that the manufacturer’s certificate of analysis is factually correct which provides the added comfort that you are feeding premium product to yourself and your family. Flavoring, bottling, lack of nitrogen purging and many other factors may contribute to the degradation of an oil from initial manufacturing to the shelf. The IFOS program tests all batches as finished product, in the same format a consumer would purchase the product. Certificates of analysis from a manufacturer do not necessarily represent the testing results for finished product.


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A-M B-Well™ Omega-3 PGFO has been third party tested according to the parameters established by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (“CRN”) and the World Health Organization (“WHO”) for its potency and purity by and receives a 5 Star rating.

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