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Happy Heart Month to my Case Club Members, Customers, and Friends! ...

Well everyone, the end of February already! Where is the year going???

Now that we have all had the chance to fill our tummies with all those delicious Valentine's Day chocolates from our special someone - it's time to use this opportunity to reflect on what you can do to keep your heart healthy. After all – February is heart month!!

The team at A-M B-Well Inc. would like to help you with this reflection by reminding you of the benefits of Omega-3 PGFO and the many studies that continue to add strongly to the growing evidence that consumption of fish and fish oil supplements can reduce death from heart disease.

In an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, investigators from the Harvard School of Public Health reported that women who consumed more fish and fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids) significantly reduced their risk of heart disease. In this study, among 85,000 women enrolled in the Nurses' Health Study, those who ate fish 2 to 4 times per week reduced their risk of heart disease by 30%, compared to women who rarely ate fish.

Similarly, in a study published in an issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, investigators from Massachusetts General Hospital reported that men in the Physicians' Health Study (men who had no evidence of prior heart disease) who consumed omega-3 fatty acids had a significantly reduced risk of sudden death.

And finally, investigators from Italy reported in Circulation that consuming 1 gram per day of omega-3 fatty acid supplements resulted in a significantly reduced risk of sudden death among survivors of heart attacks. FYI: A-M B-Well Omega-3 Liquid Gold has a whopping 3 grams per 5 ml or 1 teaspoon!!

While a major benefit of fish oil in these studies appears to be a reduction in sudden death from cardiac arrhythmias, omega-3 fatty acids also appear to reduce triglyceride levels, reduce blood pressure, and stabilize the blood clotting mechanisms. Thus, there are several pathways in which fish oil can potentially benefit the cardiovascular system. The evidence that omega-3 fatty acids benefits the heart, thanks to these three studies, is now nearly irrefutable, and will no doubt continue to become widely accepted by the medical community.

Source: Heart Health Center

Anne-Marie : President and Founder



Hello my friends,

As always, the year is moving forward and we are all as busy as ever! This is greatly due to the support and backing that you, the customer provides!!

A huge big thanks to the A-M B-Well Inc. Team who does a fantastic job of researching websites, articles and overall general information that they have found informative with respect to Omega-3’s and Fish Oil. We hope you feel the same way...

This month was no different as the A-M B-Well Inc. Team strives to keep you informed and educated on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and supplementing with Omega-3 PGFO. As you can see below, this month we are providing you with information regarding the top 20 proven heath benefits of consuming fish oil.

This month we will review 10 of the proven health benefits commencing with number 20 down through number 11 and we will leave the last top 10 countdown for our March edition, so stay tuned...

Thanks again to all of you for your continuing support.


#20 – Even Helps Man’s Best Friend
Iams, a respected international dog food manufacturer, has conducted conclusive research that puppies experience benefits of fish oil when supplemented during their first months of life.
Fish oil has been shown to improve puppies’ brain function, vision and trainability, which leads to happier, more well-behaved and good-tempered dogs.

#19 – Stabilizes Mood
The benefits of fish oil regarding bipolar disorder are significant in that those with milder forms of bipolar disorder are often misdiagnosed with depression, and prescribed antidepressants, which not only have unpleasant side effects but can actually worsen the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Additionally, those with milder forms of bipolar disorder that are properly diagnosed have limited treatment options available, and many have different yet still unpleasant side effects.
Jim Phelps, M.D., a leading mental illness researcher and respected psychiatrist, observed these benefits of fish oil in his bipolar patients and noted that their manic and depressive symptoms were greatly improved.

#18 – Helps Treat Ulcers
The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends the benefits of fish oil to individuals suffering from peptic ulcers, as the fish oil reduces inflammation and boosts immunity to prevent recurrence of the ulcers.

Fish oil may also reduce depression, anxiety and stress, which are sometimes contributing factors for peptic ulcer development.

#17 – Eases The Effects Of Alzheimer’s Disease
The brain of a person with Alzheimer’s disease benefits from fish oil supplementation in that the EFAs in fish oil help fight the plaque in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s disease in the first place.

UCLA researchers also discovered that not only do the benefits of fish oil include prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, they may include helping to manage and reduce symptoms in those already afflicted with the memory disease.

#16 – Provides Relief From Crohn’s Disease And Colitis
Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are two digestive diseases that cause much suffering for those they afflict.

Often, the treatments are extremely expensive and can include surgery to remove sections of the intestines and colon, which is painful and life-altering.
Benefits of fish oil when taken to treat Crohn’s disease and colitis have been found in that the fish oil actually heals the ulcers in the colon and intestines. This is a huge leap in the search for a cure for these terrible diseases.

#15 – May Slow Breast Tumor Growth
Omega-3 essential fatty acids have been proven by research to slow cancer growth, as stated by the American Association for Cancer Research at its 2009 annual meeting.

Further studies have been conducted specifically regarding breast cancer and fish oil, and while the results have varied, there are positive indicators that the benefits of fish oil include slowing of cancerous cell growth, particularly in breast cancer.

#14 – Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease
As stated previously, the benefits of fish oil extend to the blood and circulatory system by reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

This in turn helps protect your heart and you, more importantly, from heart disease and other cardiovascular problems, as stated by the American Heart Association.

#13 – Reduces Soreness From Weight Training
Bodybuilders have recently discovered that due to the benefits of fish oil concerning inflammation, fish oil can dramatically reduce soreness from strength training.

Not only is this beneficial for bodybuilders, but to anyone incorporating strength training in their lives.

The reduced soreness will allow more enjoyable exercise, and more frequent exercise due to less recovery time.

Some say that taking a fish oil pill a day may even be better than taking pharmaceutical drugs, but no one can say that, because then the big companies would come after them, wouldn’t they?

#12 – Improves Vision
Several independent studies in the US and Australia indicate that not only are there benefits of fish oil when eyes are developing in babies in utero, but that adults taking fish oil are less prone to macular degeneration as they age.

#11 – Reduces Post-Partum Depression
The benefits of fish oil are not only for babies when a pregnant or nursing mom takes the supplements.

While noted above that fish oil eases the symptoms of depression, post-partum depression deserves a category all its own because past treatments have either been ineffective, complicated or have required moms to stop nursing their newborns.

Fish oil is in a class of its own, since it not only reduces and helps prevent post-partum depression (if taken throughout pregnancy), but it allows moms to continue nursing, which is discouraged because antidepressants are not healthy for babies to ingest (via breast milk).
The Associated Press reports that this may open a new door for physicians struggling to help mothers eliminate post-partum depression and still breastfeed and bond with their babies.


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